Financing Not Fundraising, Volume 1

Financing Not Fundraising, Volume 1
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“I felt a lot of affirmation when I read your e-book as I too believe fundraising as we knew it is history and sometimes that is hard for the board to understand and accept. Your series was incredibly powerful for me and will have a huge impact on us. I think your e-book will give [board and staff] some confidence to make tough decisions. On lots of different levels your e-book was exactly what I think we need right now.”

– Nonprofit Development Director


Fundraising just doesn’t work anymore, indeed it holds nonprofits back by keeping them in a starvation cycle of trying to do more and more with less and less. In order to become more sustainable and create more social change, nonprofits must create an overall financial model for their organizations. They must move from Fundraising to Financing.


This first volume in the Financing not Fundraising e-book series outlines the Financing Not Fundraising concepts and shows nonprofit leaders how to begin to move their organizations to a much more sustainable way of thinking about and securing money.


The chapters of this e-book are:


1. What is Financing Not Fundraising?
2. Create a Financial Strategy
3. Align Money and Mission
4. Find Individual Donors
5. Develop a Message of Impact
6. Raise Money for Building Capacity
7. Explore New Types of Money
8. Evaluate Earned Income
9. Calculate Net Revenue
10. Move From Push to Pull
11. Stop Lying to Donors
12. Getting Started


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