Ten Traits of a Groundbreaking Board

Ten Traits of a Groundbreaking Board
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“I found the Ten Traits of a Groundbreaking Board to be very useful. The concepts are … packaged in a manner that a Board Member can gain insight and inspiration from without feeling discouraged about their past participation.”

– an E-book Reader


The nonprofit board of directors as we know it is largely ineffective and an incredibly underused resource. But it can be and do so much more, if only we raise the bar.


A groundbreaking board demands more from itself, its nonprofit and the sector as a whole. In creating a groundbreaking board, a nonprofit enjoys greater financial sustainability, more effective use of resources, and ultimately more social change.


This e-book defines the 10 traits that characterize a groundbreaking nonprofit board and describes how to move your board towards becoming one.


The chapters of this e-book are:


1. What is a Groundbreaking Board?
2. Ten Traits of a Groundbreaking Board
3. Defines Itself
4. Assembles the Right People
5. Drives Strategy
6. Ensures Mission, Money & Competence Alignment
7. Craves Impact
8. Raises Money
9. Wields the Money Sword
10. Pursues Excellence
11. Builds the Organization
12. Asks Hard Questions
13. Getting Started


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