The Power of Capacity Capital

The Power of Capacity Capital
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There is a fairly new concept that has the power to completely transform the nonprofit sector by making nonprofits more effective and sustainable at creating social change.


“Capacity capital” is a one-time infusion of significant money that can be used to strengthen or grow a nonprofit organization. It is money for things like technology, systems, management coaching, revenue-generating staff, planning, evaluation. It is an investment in the nonprofit so that it can ultimately deliver more social change.


This e-book explains capacity capital, how it is used, how to convince funders of its importance, and how to raise it.


The chapters of this e-book are:


1. Overcoming the Bias Against Organization Building
2. What is Capacity Capital?
3. Uses of Capacity Capital
4. Capital Campaign vs. Capacity Capital Campaign
5. The Return on Investment of Capacity Capital
6. Case Studies
7. Vehicles for Capacity Capital
8. The Steps to Raising Capacity Capital
9. How Foundations Can Move Organization Building Forward
10. Getting Started


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