Reinventing the Nonprofit Leader

Reinventing the Nonprofit Leader
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Leading a nonprofit is an incredibly challenging, if not impossible, job.

Nonprofit leaders have been given a seemingly endless list of tasks: develop and execute effective programs, manage a diverse and underpaid staff, chart a bold strategic direction, create a sustainable financial model, wrangle a group of board members with often competing interests, and recruit and appease a disparate funder base.

All with little support along the way.

I think its time for us to reinvent the nonprofit leader. In order to better lead her staff, board, and donors to greater social change, the reinvented nonprofit leader must:
  •     Unlock the charity shackles that keep nonprofits beholden to dysfunctional expectations
  •     Refuse to play nice with staff members, board members, or funders who stand in the way of the mission
  •     Embrace strategy that gets results
  •     Wield the money sword
  •     Break down the walls of her nonprofit to let in more supporters, advocates, and partners
  •     Demand real help and the tools necessary to do the work well
  •     Remember the dream for change that inspires the work
Informed by years of experience coaching nonprofit leaders, the Reinventing The Nonprofit Leader webinar will help nonprofit leaders like you to:

  •     Adapt to a rapidly changing world
  •     Find the confidence, energy and will to lead more effectively
  •     Better engage your staff, board, and donors in the work
  •     Stop apologizing for what you really need
  •     Use money as a tool
  •     Embrace new technologies and approaches to build momentum
  •     Become inspired for the work ahead

Upon purchasing this On-Demand Webinar, you will receive:

  •     A link to a recording of the webinar, which you and others can watch as many times as you like
  •     The PowerPoint slides from the webinar
  •     The ability to ask Nell Edgington additional follow-up questions about the webinar

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