Craft a Case for Investment

Craft a Case for Investment
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“This guide is great. I am using it as a catalyst to create a branding campaign with my Marketing Committee. Of course, this will be used for fundraising and grant writing as well. We really needed the framework to build value for our donors, volunteers, and clients. Thanks!”

- Step-by-Step Guide User


Now more than ever nonprofits are struggling for funding amid growing competition and diminishing available dollars. Increasingly donors, especially major donors, are less likely to give to a nonprofit because the organization “does good work” and more likely to give because the organization has demonstrated how they create a solution to a social problem the donor cares about.


This new environment requires nonprofits craft a compelling, thoughtful argument for why a donor should give to their nonprofit. This argument is called a “Case for Investment.” Driven by a thoughtful combination of data and emotion, a good Case for Investment can help a nonprofit connect with their target donors much more effectively and ultimately raise more money.


Language from the final Case for Investment feeds any and all fundraising materials including donor letters, proposals, website, email campaigns.


This guide will walk you, step-by-step, through crafting your nonprofit’s Case for Investment.


The sections of this guide are:

1. Why Create a Case for Investment?
2. How to Use This Guide
3. The Need
4. Solution
5. Impact
6. Financial Model
7. Strategic Direction
8. Resources Required
9. Social Return on Investment
10. Next Steps


Product Info: Upon purchase, you will be emailed a link to download the PDF guide for creating a Case for Investment.

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