Create a Business Plan for a Social Enterprise

Create a Business Plan for a Social Enterprise
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“I have been using the Business Plan Guide and it’s great, a very intuitive way to structure a business plan and perfect for what I needed.”

– Business Plan Guide User


A business plan for a nonprofit earned income venture or a social enterprise is absolutely essential. Without going through the exercise of articulating what the business is, how it is structured, what you will sell, how you will price it, whether it is financially viable, what could go wrong, who your customers are, their willingness and ability to pay, how you will reach them, and what you will charge them your business has a high likelihood of failure. You cannot go to market with a new product or service without doing your homework.


A business plan helps you figure out how to successfully:


• Find customers who want what you are offering and can and will pay for it
• Price your product/service
• Market the business
• Staff the new business
• Determine costs to run the business and if/when you will make a profit
• Raise the startup money necessary to launch the business
• Overcome roadblocks and risks


This guide will walk you, step-by-step, through creating a detailed business plan, which you can use to launch your new social venture.


The sections of this guide are:

1.   Why Write a Business Plan?
2.   How to Use This Guide
3.   Market Analysis
4.   Business Model
5.   Marketing Plan
6.   Management and Staffing
7.   Finances
8.   Risk and Mitigations
9.   Year 1 Operating Plan
10. Next Steps


Product Info: Upon purchase, you will be emailed a link to download the PDF of the business plan guide.

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