Design a Theory of Change

Design a Theory of Change
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If you want to raise more money, chart a strategic direction, make your nonprofit more effective, get your board engaged, and achieve your mission, you need a theory of change. A theory of change is an argument for how your nonprofit turns community resources (money, volunteers, clients, staff, materials) into positive change in the community.


Designing a theory of change can strengthen your nonprofit in many ways:


• To create a compelling case for support and other fundraising materials.
• To make your nonprofit’s vision and mission stronger and more compelling.
• To determine whether to pursue new opportunities as they arise.
• To guide your future strategic direction.
• To get board members and funders engaged, committed, and excited.
• To help staff understand how they fit into the larger work of the organization,   increasing morale, productivity, communication and overall commitment.


This guide will walk you, step-by-step, through designing your nonprofit’s Theory of Change.


The sections of this guide are:

1. Target Population
2. External Content
3. Activities
4. Short and Long-Term Outcomes
5. Assumptions
6. Final Theory of Change
7. Next Steps

Product Info: Upon purchase, you will be emailed a link to download the PDF guide for creating a Theory of Change

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