Launch a Capacity Capital Campaign

Launch a Capacity Capital Campaign
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“Capacity capital” is the money so many nonprofit organizations desperately need. It is a one-time infusion of significant money to strengthen or grow a nonprofit organization. Capacity capital can be used to:


• Plan and execute a program evaluation
• Plan and launch an earned income stream
• Create a strategic financing plan
• Hire a seasoned Development Director, or other revenue-generating staff
• Purchase a new donor database
• Improve program service delivery
• Upgrade website, email marketing, and/or social media efforts


But raising capacity capital is not like traditional fundraising. It involves determining how much capacity capital you need, creating a compelling pitch, deciding which prospective funders to approach, and educating those prospects about the power of capacity capital.


This guide will walk you, step-by-step, through planning for and launching a capacity capital campaign for your nonprofit.


The sections of this guide are:


1. Why Raise Capacity Capital?
2. How to Use This Guide
3. Create a Capacity Building Plan
4. Determine a Capacity Capital Dollar Goal
5. Break the Goal into Investment Levels
6. Develop a Capacity Capital Ask
7. Create a Prospect List
8. Demonstrate the Return On Investment
9. Next Steps


Product Info: Upon purchase, you will be emailed a link to download the PDF of the capacity capital campaign guide.

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